by Forthcoming Fire

04:55 video


released January 1, 1992

All songs by Forthcoming Fire:
JOSEF K. spirit, soul and vocals
BURN hard- and software, digital sequencing
G. DORN bass craft
LARS WEHR guitar magic & string spell

„FEUER“: original version by OHL and Deutscher W. from the LP “Jenseits Von Gut Und Böse“ (1986)
„YOUTH ON FIRE“: musical foundation by THOMAS FENDER

All tracks recorded & mixed at RCM Recording Studio Udenheim Mainz in 1991 and 1992
Additional Vocals on „MY WAY BACK HOME“ by Christine Schmidt & Ricci Catère
Additional Vocals on „RAISE YOUR WINGS LIKE FIRE“ (German Version) by Deutscher W. (OHL)
Didgeridoo on „EKHNATON“ by Michael Nahm
Lead Guitar on „EKHNATON“ by Andreas Görres
Lyrics of spoken epilogue by GEORG TRAKL (1887-1914)


all rights reserved



Forthcoming Fire Munich, Germany

Forthcoming Fire started out as a gothic rock band in the early Nineties. Their music has always been a travel for their listeners and a heterogeneous experience that made singer Josef K. and his band stand out. Being on stage with bands like Love Like Blood, Das Ich, Ministry and Atrocity even the toughest metal heads fell in love with the band. ... more

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Track Name: The Termites Pride
We learned to cross the oceans, we learned to use the wheel
We try to touch the stars, open the seventh seal
We learned to cheat ourselves,we learned to lie without shame
A western civilization feels no hunger, no blame
We learned to rob and plunder and we did it with pride
We try to rule nature, to turn the day into night
We try to find a new way, turning water to wine
We try to rule the creation, still we can't stop the time
We learned to feed the progress with human flesh and blood
We learned to walk on the moon, but can't prevent a flood
We learned to pay attention to the governors
We learned to loose our conscience under the flag of war
We learned to die with cancer, to live in stupidity
We learned to sell our health the pharma industry
When you receive 30 programs you call it freedom of choice
Why should you be content without your own Rolls Royce
We learned to play with neutrons and can't control ourselves
Don't need a god in heaven to make me a golden calf

And when I start to think about the reasons why we feel so proud.
This world seems like the darkest place.
Sometimes I think we're lost in space.
And when I look into your face, I miss that sparkle in your eyes.
Nowhere else in god's eternal space lives such an anti human race.
Track Name: Raise Your Wings Like Fire
As I woke up in a cold dark night
To draw my circles on the shadow side
An invisible light, my strange companion
Will show me the way through the painful night
Will show me the way to the other side
Leads me through this frightening night
I met strangers and madmen, killers and junks
Religious fanatics, rockers and punks
Became a flame of a burning youth
I found a different kind of truth

Raise your wings like fire
Like a phoenix you will rise
Speak your words of fire
Feel the anger in their eyes

I lost a best friend by suicide
By brutal murder another one died
I lost them by drugs and accidents
An evil game, I can't see its end
I lost them in jails and mental hospitals.
I lost them in the gutter of your modern hell
I kissed the lips of a frozen whore
I learned to live outside the taut
I felt hunger and cold, I worked hard to survive
So what the hell you wanna tell me about life
I felt hate and violence, lived my personal war
But peace and silence I've been looking for
I believe in the chance of a new mankind
And I'll be burning for a new clear mind
So try to overcome the night
Try to reach the other side
Let's try to overcome the dark
Try, try, try
Track Name: The Torment Cross
We come to free a name from the confinement of your unloving church walls, from dogmas, interpretation and abuse. We come to purify the Nazarene’s memory of all religious crimes.
We come to redeem the tortured conqueror, to free him of the bloody worship of the tormented cross. Free the noble name of all man-made foolishness, out of the hands of the abiding pharisees, scientists, theologians and hypocrites. Free this true son of your misunderstood, god of the disgraces of his 2000-year captivity. Away with this bloody worship and ritual phrases. Stop worshiping your god on knees, on which the pope and your bad conscience threw you. This god wants no slaves, no groveler, no snakes. What a strange homage to turn the pain and the torment into the badge of your dubious religion. Where does this church body, this institution, give opportunity to the simplicity of original love? What's all this pomp and wealth of the churches when they are lacking in richness of love. Who wants to stop the future? Who prevents the wind from blowing over the land? Who prevents the truth from freeing itself?
Don't be afraid, there's a light in the darkness.
Don't you know that our war is won?
Don't you see that silver glowing?
Free the truth, now it will be done.
Track Name: T. Fender
I don't know how you think about it
But I know where you have gone
I heard you calling for his name
Your war he has just won

His fire woke up your desire
To end your life for his greed
Sweetest promises of silence and peace
If you would lay down your soul at his feel

All the people, all the people
Say you're mad and call you evil
All this fuckin stupid people
Say you're mad and call you evil

I knew such tender whispers
I know such evil lies
He spoke of home and fire
But froze you just like ice

Brother, excuse my fury and that I will spill you not a tear
Brother, you died long before you were dead
Now you're alive and there will be no more fear.

And now you're gone. The world don't stop
As if nothing has happened, no mercy, no break
Oh merciless machinery, ever restless society
Soul suffocating pharma industry!
They spoke of psychotherapy, I call it creeping death

Just another new ripped body
No way out of these rails
Just another talk of the town
The recent of your tales

Heaven, cover my friend
Heaven, please wake him slowly.
Will he get well from the tragedy of life?
Heaven, please let me know.
Track Name: (Sweet Little) King Child
You came into this darkest world, the morning just has broken
Another chapter you will write, of which wise men had spoken
Sweet little King Child
Your noble brothers wounds have been healed and all his pain is forgotten
The murderer’s guilt has been forgiven, the torment cross was rotten
Sweet little King Child
Walk amongst us through the night, noble stranger, secret light
Bring your flame all through the land, share your secrets with some friends
Sweet little King Child

Don't worry children in these days, the light of change is growing
We saw it hidden in the desert, we saw pure silver glowing
A brave new world will just arise, the centuries are turning
You came into the darkest hour, the whole wide world is burning
Track Name: Feuer
See how the fire burns
Know, the ages, they turn
Here, you'll take my hand
You will follow, you shall understand.

See how the towers fall
Hear how the false leaders call
Feel the old order die
Hear how the riches cry

Fire, let it burn
Fire, feel how it burns

Now, fulfill the church with fire
Look into the eyes of a liar
Now, here comes the sun
Soldiers, see them on the run
This, this ain't a dream
No adventure your TV screen
So go, lose all your pride
Find perception 'til the end of the night

Dies Feuer brennt in meinem Verstand
Brennt meiner Seele
Brennt in meiner Hand
Dies Feuer, mein heiliger Krieg
Dies Feuer ist der Sonne Sieg
Dies Feuer in einer kalten Welt
Dies Licht, das Dunkel erhellt.

Fire, let it burn. Fire, feel how it burns
Feuer, lass' es brennen. Feuer, sieh wie es brennt
Fühlst du wie es brennt?
Track Name: My Way Back Home
Don't wanna be where the millions live
Don't wanna be where confusion is
Don't wanna breathe in your urban jungle
I'm on the way back home
Don't wanna walk in the midst of the crowd
Don't wanna hear them scream and shout
Don't wanna see their busy faces.
I'm on the way back home

Why can't ya see? I can't go on like this.
I wanna live where silence is
I'm sick of all that Rock’n'Roll
I'm on the way back home

Human being, what does it mean?
It's no illusion but still a dream
No, I don't need your way of life
I'm on the way back home

It's like possession, maybe a passion or just a fashion

No, I don't wanna stay on the scene
I'm not your kind of sex-machine
Don't like the way you talk to me
I'm on the way back home

You lost your soul, your preciousness, honey
You sold away your life for money
I'm sick of all that fashion-smile
I'm on the way back home

For every step I have to pay
Color TVs for a life of grey
I'm gonna find another way
I'm on the way back home

I wanna walk through growing fields
I wanna be where life is real
Don't wanna breathe in your urban jungle
I'm on the way back home

Urban jungle, you demand my soul
You try to burn me like a piece of coal
1000 voices beset my soul
Don't wanna be there in this urban hole.
Track Name: (The Free Speech Of) Flaming Enlightment
This is the speech of flaming enlightment
This is time hour of mental illumination
A highly intelligent, supernatural conspiracy.
Welcome' in a brave new world
This is the speech of change
Like time winds of truth
Witness the blazing dawning of a victorious new sun
Which sets the world on fire
Which sets your tongues on fire
Your mind, your soul and your will

Right now, let there be light!
This is the spirit of a forthcoming fire
This is the result of Helium in Hydrogen
This is the birth hour of the homo superior
The dawning of an heliocentric new mankind
This is what some call the Age of Aquarius
Are you able to experience your biggest adventure?
And didn't we come to cast fire upon the earth?
Didn't we come to clean the temples
To break the barriers, to light our fire?
This is the speech of flaming enlightment
This is the return of the banished
The voice of those who were called heretics
Victims and inquisitors, we are here and now again
To bring a conflict to an end
At the gates of an new world and time
This is the hour of our return
In which our word rises like a phoenix
From the ashes of inquisition
The abuse must end as well the reign of popes, cardinals, henchmen and executors
The children of the sun are rising at the threshold of a glorious new morning
I feel a change
Our sun will rise
Freedom is coming
Look into my eyes!
I gave you silver
Your eyes can't see
I promised you freedom
You don't believe me
Fire on earth!
Fire on earth!
Track Name: Longing For Light
Let a vision rise, a multicolored vision. Like a four-dimensional drawing, like a cybernetic dream. Close your eyes and let time vision rise. Be lost in an unknown space. So feel, feel deep, feel warm electricity in cold technology. I said, warm electricity in cold technology. Wake up!

Open your eyes, wide open your mind
Blazing perception, how easy to find
Glowing new hope, unbelievable
Towers fall, unforgettable

A new awakening, a new kind of freedom
This is the burning of mental fire
Behold the glowing of a new mankind

This is the end of the night
This is my longing for light

Witness the rising of a blazing phoenix
The ashes of the old days is dead and gone
Do I hear time sound of a new crescendo?
I welcome time morning and a glowing new sun

Now, you may see, behold, what ever will be
Mother, what have you done?
You cry ’til our kingdom will come
Lord, renew the face of our mother nature

Don't waste the chance to light your fire
Don't cover your light in front of me
A new born hope is rising higher
Til the end of the night
We're gonna be free
Track Name: Darkness Came Across The Ocean
Strangers came from outer space
Brought wisdom, love and luck
Conquerors came across the ocean
To plunder, kill and suck

All the gold out of the veins of our land
They sucked all our strength, all our blood
They came with a sign of a crucified man
They command is to worship his name

Aliens from outer space. They promised to return
Conquerors came across the sea
To plunder, kill and burn

And we thought they may be our brothers
Our teachers from outer space
A tragic mistake and an evil awaking
As they flood the whole land with disgrace

We're waiting for return
Of those who burn time sky
While businessmen from far away
Made our green jungle die

But we keep time aliens knowledge
Deep in the heart of Brazil
Which all of these slayers, soldiers and priests
Those greedy christs, could not kill

In the heat of a summer, everlasting hot summer
Track Name: Ekhnaton
See the rage of the priesthood, the ominous shadows of their dark power. See your people enslaved by all these evil spells, you fighter for a victorious sun, you noble son of time real god. You came to light the pure flame of true belief. You brought the glory of the solar logos into the darkness. You broke the priest-hoods power. You gave the light of clear cognition. See the liars and swindlers, see the abiding people', the guardians of black magic, the custodians of dead ashes. They called you heretic, because they hate the truth like time light of the sun. I said it before, I say it again: Our sun will rise.
Track Name: Return Back Home
Urban jungle, you demand my soul
You try to burn me like a piece of coal
1000 voices beset my soul
Don't wanna be there in this urban hole.
Track Name: Raise Your Wings Like Fire (German Version)
Erhebet die Schwingen wie loderndes Feuer
Zu ferner Ufer Abenteuer
Wir sind Licht und Flamme sind Leben und Kraft
So wild kocht in unseren Adern der Saft
In unseren Herzen tobt ein heißer Orkan
In unseren Augen blitzt ein heiliger Wahn

Wer kann uns begreifen
Wer kann sie fassen
Die Glut, die wir Euch hinterlassen

Komm, reich’ mir Deine Hand, sei voller Zuversicht
Es brennt ein ewiges Feuer, eine Flamme die nie erlischt
Du bist ein ewiges Feuer, eine Flamme die nie erlischt

Lasst die Gefangenen aus ihren Kerkern schleifen
Wir lehren sie, nach den Sternen zu greifen
Die müden Schläfer soll der Sturm verwehn
Die sollen uns aus den Augen gehen
Und wo kein Wille da ist nur Sumpf
Da ersticken die Kriecher im tranigen Dumpf

Die Kinder der Sonne die werden sehn
Sie werden die Worte von Feuer verstehen

Es ist Zeit, dass die Sonne in uns erwacht
Es ist Zeit, dass sich Feuer in dir entfacht
Es ist Zeit zu schöpfen aus lebendigen Quellen
Es ist Zeit die Felder zu bestellen
Von Neuem erwachen Frühlingsweisen, die das Grauen vergangener Tage zerreissen