Ekhnaton (25th Anniversary / 2017 Remastered)

by Forthcoming Fire



released April 15, 2017

All songs by Forthcoming Fire:
JOSEF K. spirit, soul and vocals
BURN hard- and software, digital sequencing
G. DORN bass craft
LARS WEHR guitar magic & string spell

„FEUER“: original version by OHL and Deutscher W. from the LP “Jenseits Von Gut Und Böse“ (1986)
„YOUTH ON FIRE“: musical foundation by THOMAS FENDER

All tracks recorded & mixed at RCM Recording Studio Udenheim Mainz in 1991 and 1992
Additional Vocals on „MY WAY BACK HOME“ by Christine Schmidt & Ricci Catère
Additional Vocals on „YOUTH ON FIRE“ by Anja Burg
Additional Vocals on „RAISE YOUR WINGS LIKE FIRE“ (German Version) by Deutscher W. (OHL)
Didgeridoo on „EKHNATON“ by Michael Nahm
Lead Guitar on „EKHNATON“ by Andreas Görres
Lyrics of spoken epilogue by GEORG TRAKL (1887-1914)
Photos of band members by TOBIAS TITZ

Tracks 1 - 12 previously released on „EKHNATON“ LP, Hyperium Records 1992
„COLD WILD SEA“ previously released on „LONGING FOR LIGHT“ EP, Hyperium Records 1991
„AND THE AUTUMN HAS COME“ previously released on „HELIOPOLIS“ EP, Hyperium Records, 1994

All tracks mastered by Sage Audio Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee, USA in 2017


all rights reserved



Forthcoming Fire Munich, Germany

Forthcoming Fire started out as a gothic rock band in the early Nineties. Their music has always been a travel for their listeners and a heterogeneous experience that made singer Josef K. and his band stand out. Being on stage with bands like Love Like Blood, Das Ich, Ministry and Atrocity even the toughest metal heads fell in love with the band. ... more

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Track Name: Feuer (Remastered 2017)
See how the fire burns
Know, the ages, they turn
Here, you'll take my hand
You will follow, you shall understand.

See how the towers fall
Hear how the false leaders call
Feel the old order die
Hear how the riches cry

Fire, let it burn
Fire, feel how it burns

Now, fulfill the church with fire
Look into the eyes of a liar
Now, here comes the sun
Soldiers, see them on the run
This, this ain't a dream
No adventure your TV screen
So go, lose all your pride
Find perception 'til the end of the night

Dies Feuer brennt in meinem Verstand
Brennt meiner Seele
Brennt in meiner Hand
Dies Feuer, mein heiliger Krieg
Dies Feuer ist der Sonne Sieg
Dies Feuer in einer kalten Welt
Dies Licht, das Dunkel erhellt.

Fire, let it burn. Fire, feel how it burns
Feuer, lass' es brennen. Feuer, sieh wie es brennt
Fühlst du wie es brennt?