Longing for Light

by Forthcoming Fire



The very first Forthcoming Fire release from 1991! Three of the four tracks have not been released yet as a digital download. Let's celebrate 25 years of Forthcoming Fire with this special gem.


released December 1, 1991

JK: vocals, Lars Wehr: guitar, Burn: keyboards & programming, G. Dorn: bass. Written and produced by Forthcoming Fire. Recorded, mixed and mastered in August 1991 at Rock City Studios, Udenheim, Germany.


all rights reserved



Forthcoming Fire Munich, Germany

Forthcoming Fire started out as a gothic rock band in the early Nineties. Their music has always been a travel for their listeners and a heterogeneous experience that made singer Josef K. and his band stand out. Being on stage with bands like Love Like Blood, Das Ich, Ministry and Atrocity even the toughest metal heads fell in love with the band. ... more

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Track Name: Longing for Light
Open your eyes, wide open your mind
Blazing perception, how easy to find
Glowing new hope, unbelievable
Towers fall, unforgettable

A new awakening, a new kind of freedom
This is the burning of mental fire
Behold the glowing of a new mankind

This is the end of the night
This is my longing for light

Witness the rising of a blazing phoenix
The ashes of the old days is dead and gone
Do I hear time sound of a new crescendo?
I welcome time morning and a glowing new sun

Now, you may see, behold, what ever will be
Mother, what have you done?
You cry ’til our kingdom will come
Lord, renew the face of our mother nature

Don't waste the chance to light your fire
Don't cover your light in front of me
A new born hope is rising higher
Til the end of the night
We're gonna be free
Track Name: Youth on Fire
Don't you see that tower growing
Up into the sky?
A tower of immoderation
Is growing much too high
All that greed for more and higher
A burst of a natural flame
A tower based on sick foundations,
Same old evil game

A tumbling tower
A high growing flower
A youth on fire

This is the sickness of high-civilization
Economy towers and business temples
Out of the towers, out of the town
Let’s you take part in its fraud
For her sins are heaped high as heaven

And don't you see that flower growing
Within a peaceful law
Those beauty such a modesty
Can teach us how to grow

And what’s about our wretched being,
About our ruthless life?
For every artificial dirt
We sell our mothers life

I pray the lord my soul to keep
While babylon will fall
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Ah can't ya hear me call?

Feel the burning of a new generation
The heat of a fiery youth
A cleaning fire down from heaven
Shall free the hidden truth
Heaven knows were holding on
Cause it seems were blessed
We are meant to stay alive
And I swear to do my best
Track Name: Cold Wild Sea
Standing on the shores of a cold wild sea
And I wonder why
While a threatening wind had me in it’s spell
Makes me wanna cry
Staring through the distance at a cold wild sea
Nothing left to say
And a flock of seagulls is calling me
Clouds passing by
And the rain tears down onto the ground
And i feel so blue
And the storm opens a violent sound
And I miss you

I walk through the water

And a threatening wind starts to talk to me
I take off my shoes
And I close my eyes so I can see
I got nothing to lose
And I close my mind so I can see
I can watch behind
I can travel beyond the eternity
While my eyes are blind

The storm bangs onto a secret door
So I enter the gate
Draws me a picture of conquest and war
And I wish I would fade

Wooden longships passing by
Masts so tall
Out of the dark they are rising high
I hear someone call
And the cold wind sings a forgotten song
Through the mightful rain
From an alien race and ships so strong
And a world in pain
Your winds are telling of what will be
Tales of threatening, misery

North wind blows across the country
Let your spirits grow
Whip your waves against the Towers
Let the waters flow
Track Name: Raise Your Wings Like Fire (NJML Mix)
As I woke up in a cold dark night
To draw my circles on the shadow side
An invisible light, my strange companion
Will show me the way through the painful night
Will show me the way to the other side
Leads me through this frightening night
I met strangers and madmen, killers and junks
Religious fanatics, rockers and punks
Became a flame of a burning youth
I found a different kind of truth

Raise your wings like fire
Like a phoenix you will rise
Speak your words of fire
Feel the anger in their eyes

I lost a best friend by suicide
By brutal murder another one died
I lost them by drugs and accidents
An evil game, I can't see its end
I lost them in jails and mental hospitals.
I lost them in the gutter of your modern hell
I kissed the lips of a frozen whore
I learned to live outside the taut
I felt hunger and cold, I worked hard to survive
So what the hell you wanna tell me about life
I felt hate and violence, lived my personal war
But peace and silence I've been looking for
I believe in the chance of a new mankind
And I'll be burning for a new clear mind
So try to overcome the night
Try to reach the other side
Let's try to overcome the dark
Try, try, try