The Termites Pride

from by Forthcoming Fire



We learned to cross the oceans, we learned to use the wheel
We try to touch the stars, open the seventh seal
We learned to cheat ourselves,we learned to lie without shame
A western civilization feels no hunger, no blame
We learned to rob and plunder and we did it with pride
We try to rule nature, to turn the day into night
We try to find a new way, turning water to wine
We try to rule the creation, still we can't stop the time
We learned to feed the progress with human flesh and blood
We learned to walk on the moon, but can't prevent a flood
We learned to pay attention to the governors
We learned to loose our conscience under the flag of war
We learned to die with cancer, to live in stupidity
We learned to sell our health the pharma industry
When you receive 30 programs you call it freedom of choice
Why should you be content without your own Rolls Royce
We learned to play with neutrons and can't control ourselves
Don't need a god in heaven to make me a golden calf

And when I start to think about the reasons why we feel so proud.
This world seems like the darkest place.
Sometimes I think we're lost in space.
And when I look into your face, I miss that sparkle in your eyes.
Nowhere else in god's eternal space lives such an anti human race.


from Ekhnaton, released January 1, 1992


all rights reserved



Forthcoming Fire Munich, Germany

Forthcoming Fire started out as a gothic rock band in the early Nineties. Their music has always been a travel for their listeners and a heterogeneous experience that made singer Josef K. and his band stand out. Being on stage with bands like Love Like Blood, Das Ich, Ministry and Atrocity even the toughest metal heads fell in love with the band. ... more

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