The Torment Cross

from by Forthcoming Fire



We come to free a name from the confinement of your unloving church walls, from dogmas, interpretation and abuse. We come to purify the Nazarene’s memory of all religious crimes.
We come to redeem the tortured conqueror, to free him of the bloody worship of the tormented cross. Free the noble name of all man-made foolishness, out of the hands of the abiding pharisees, scientists, theologians and hypocrites. Free this true son of your misunderstood, god of the disgraces of his 2000-year captivity. Away with this bloody worship and ritual phrases. Stop worshiping your god on knees, on which the pope and your bad conscience threw you. This god wants no slaves, no groveler, no snakes. What a strange homage to turn the pain and the torment into the badge of your dubious religion. Where does this church body, this institution, give opportunity to the simplicity of original love? What's all this pomp and wealth of the churches when they are lacking in richness of love. Who wants to stop the future? Who prevents the wind from blowing over the land? Who prevents the truth from freeing itself?
Don't be afraid, there's a light in the darkness.
Don't you know that our war is won?
Don't you see that silver glowing?
Free the truth, now it will be done.


from Ekhnaton, released January 1, 1992


all rights reserved



Forthcoming Fire Munich, Germany

Forthcoming Fire started out as a gothic rock band in the early Nineties. Their music has always been a travel for their listeners and a heterogeneous experience that made singer Josef K. and his band stand out. Being on stage with bands like Love Like Blood, Das Ich, Ministry and Atrocity even the toughest metal heads fell in love with the band. ... more

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